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House Signs - House Numbers - House Plaques

Trudy Silcox supplies hand painted house signs, house plaques
and house numbers. Call 01934 517327 today!

House signs
, names and numbers hand painted in any subject, can make your home special and individual to you. I can paint or design your house sign from a supplied photo, rough drawing or from scratch, following your brief. As these bespoke designs are so highly personal, it is always helpful to discuss your requirements over the phone.

I pride myself in the amount of detail used in my pieces to make your house number or name not just an address marker but a painting in its own right.

Any favourite subject, flowers, birds, animals, hobbies, trees, favourite places, cartoons, sports, houses, in fact, anything at all can become the perfect subject for your own custom house sign. Perhaps the sample house numbers, house signs and address plaques on this site will give you a better idea of my bespoke hand painted work. Many customers have come back to me for new signs when they've moved or commissioned them for family and friends.

Unique House Signs and House Numbers

Every care is taken to ensure that your handmade bespoke house sign or number plaque is not only unique but, also weatherproof and durable to last for many years to come. All the paints used for your sign are of the highest quality artist grade, even the background colour of the house sign. They are waterproof and highly lightfast to ensure the colours remain as vibrant as the day they were hand painted for many years to come.

Materials for House Plaques, Signs and House Numbers

The board used as the base is Medite exterior grade, used extensively for outdoor signs including large pub signs, address plaques, shop fronts, fascia boards and outdoor display signs. Unlike wood, it won't warp and has the added advantage over resin or ceramic of not cracking or chipping. Should your handmade house number or house signs ever look a little dull, a fresh coat of varnish is all that's required to bring your signs up like new, unlike metal signs.

Hand Painted House Signs

The sign board is sealed and many layers of base colour are applied and sanded to provide the smooth surface necessary to produce highly detailed paintings.

Once your handmade house sign is completed, the painting is left to cure for 48 hours before being varnished to a nice gloss finish which also protects the house sign.

Thank you for your interest in my custom hand painted house signs, house plaques and house numbers.

Handmade by Trudy

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